Growth & Exit Planning Collaborative

A process that helps you increase the value of your company and maximize your exit options.

Do You Want to Grow and Exit Your Company?

Like most business owners, you have a competitive drive to be the best and take risks so you can enjoy the freedom and money the journey brings. You’re willing to sacrifice a lot to have control and to watch your vision become reality. To maintain such control, you need a plan to maximize the value of your business while being ready for an exit, REGARDLESS of when you want to sell.

Growth & Exit Planning (GEXP) Collaborative™ who created a process that helps you increase the value of your business and engineer your ideal exit.


Clarify Your Target Exit 

Engineer Your Ideal Outcome

Find answers to these questions:

  • What are all my exit options?
  • What advisors do I need on my team?
  • How will my exit option(s) impact how much money I get?
  • Will I have to stay around if I sell?
  • What is due diligence?

About the Team

The GEXP Process™

The GEXP Process will accelerate your understanding on how to grow and exit your company and give you control over the plan. You’ll gain options you’ve never had, acquire knowledge you’ve been missing, and enjoy each day more fully with peace of mind knowing you’re prepared to pull the ripcord.


Start The Process

How To Get Started

There are a few different ways to get access to our team and resources.Depending on your goals, timeline and objectives you can either apply for a cohort or hire our team. If you’re not sure then give us a call! (412) 230-8984‬

Introduction Call

Schedule a call with our team so you can understand all your exit options and how we can help.


Schedule Us to Speak

Schedule Jim Carlisle to speak to your company or your team on how to Grow and Exit Your Company.

Hire Our Team

If you want to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done, hire our team to help you design and execute on a growth & exit plan.

Ripcord – The Podcast

Hear stories about how owners have designed their growth & exit plan and engineered the exact outcome they wanted.

Learn how to build your due diligence library, explore differerent exit options, structure the deal and find the right buyer.

The goal is to get you the target valuation and exit that makes you happy.