The GEXP Process™

The Answer to “What Should I Do?”


“Entrepreneurs who have gotten a handle of their business, and are looking to what is next, are ready to focus on the big picture. Attention and resources need to be focused on the long term vision and value of the business. What’s the ultimate end goal?”

Maximize the business you’ve built and create as many exit options as possible. By working on your growth and exit plan everything comes into focus. You’ll know what to do and why you’re doing it.

How to Engage

The GEXP Process is based on decades of experience and hundreds of transactions. Contact Jim Carlisle and get your free introduction consultation. You’ll understand what your options are and what type of team you need.

If you have a specific pressing need at the moment  you can engage on an hourly basis or if you want to be more proactive and identify all your exit options and get your foundation in place you can enage on a flat rate project.

The result? You have a team in the trenches with you doing most of the heavy lifting and accelerating you toward your desired valuation and exit.

The GEXP Blueprint™

The GEXP Process will help you build a blueprint that outlines everything that is important to you and your business. Once you know how much your business is worth, how much annual income your balance can produce, we help you design a plan to get you where you want to be.

How To Get Started

There are a few different ways to get access to our team and resources.Depending on your goals, timeline and objectives you can either apply for a cohort or hire our team. If you’re not sure then take the GEXP Survey or give us a call!

Introduction Call

Schedule a call with our team so you can understand all your exit options and how we can help.


Schedule Us to Speak

Schedule Jim Carlisle to speak to your company or your team on how to Grow and Exit Your Company.

Hire Our Team

If you want to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done, hire our team to help you design and execute on a growth & exit plan.