6 Figure Income After the Exit Through a Leveraged Funded Platform

6 Figure Income After the Exit Through a Leveraged Funded Platform
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Bill Smith is a principal consultant for Navigate Group, a strategic business solution provider. Navigate works with business owners and high-level executives to find ways to save the company money through tax benefits and expense evaluation. It is a win-win situation that provides leverage to your company and takes a lot of the stress out of the equation.

Bill tells me about the leverage funded program and the other services Navigate offers to its clients. We cover who should use this service and why it is essential to getting your business past a hump and moving into a new stage of growth. He also shares why CPAs and banks tend to love Navigate’s involvement and why insurance guys don’t so much. If you’ve hit a wall in your business, then today’s episode is a must-listen for you!

What you will learn:

  • How Navigate got started and why they exist.
  • Why you want Navigate involved in your end-game.
  • The 3 silos of service Navigate provides its customers.
  • How Navigate is different from other loan services.
  • Navigate partners with CPA firms.
  • How Navigate’s deferred compensation contract works.
  • How the system works for the client.
  • How the system works for the banks.
  • The 3 events that will end a contract and what happens next.
  • The pros and cons of release mechanisms in your deals.
  • A typical Navigate policy.
  • Why Navigate prefers a narrowed focus of services.
  • Who should use Navigate’s service?
  • The changes to and 4 components of the RND Tax Credit.


You should totally look into this! Call Bill! Call me! This company is providing something valuable and there aren’t a lot of downsides to the process. Look into the Navigate Group and see it’s something worth your time.

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About Navigate Group:

We are a unique group of professionals bringing active consulting services to a wide range of clients. Our unique ability to dig into a business and ask the right questions allows us to bring true value to Business Owners, CEOs and CFOs by providing solutions that increase overall profitability and cash flow. Navigate Strategic Resources will increase overall profitability while providing cost reduction solutions and consulting services. We are a Trusted Source increasing business value and guiding our clients with sound business solutions.

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