Business Valuations: Deep Dive with a Certified Business Valuator

Business Valuations: Deep Dive with a Certified Business Valuator

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Welcome to the first episode of my three-part series about evaluating your company. I start my series with Brandon Hall, the owner and founder of BGH Valuation. Brandon and his team access businesses so they can comfortably go to the negotiation table.

We discuss how Brandon evaluated businesses and that means for the business owner and their company’s prospects. It is important for you to know your company’s worth. Brandon can help you get your numbers and be more confident when you approach buyers, loan officers, other legal processes (such as divorce.)

What you will learn:

  • The other guests I will be including in my 3 part series.
  • Brandon’s beginnings in accounting and the beginning of BGH.
  • Why people come to Brandon and his team.
  • What is a certificated valuation?
  • How technology has changed valuations.
  • Common misconceptions about the process.
  • Why people need valuations.
  • How valuations are like investments.
  • The role EBITA plays in a valuation.
  • The two things owners need to consider during an evaluation.
  • How the income method works.
  • What to look at when comparing markets.
  • The importance of defined end goals.


When you get an evaluation of your company, you need to consider your buyer’s point of view. Don’t make it complicated and know when to ask for help. Educate yourself on the process so you aren’t blindsided. Visit our GPX site for some resources and look into valuation.

Links and Resources

GEXP Collaborative
BGH Valuations
Brandon’s email

About Brandon

Brandon Hall, the owner of BGH Valuation Services, LLC, resides in Monticello, MN with his wife, Gloria and four children Piper, Rowan, London, and Leo. Brandon worked for various small construction companies growing up and has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit.

Brandon received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Saint Cloud State University. Brandon started his accounting career in public accounting, where he worked for two firms over the span of 3 years providing tax and auditing services.

Brandon then continued his career working for Polaris Industries, Inc. In his time there Polaris acquired 4 companies and Brandon had the opportunity to be involved with different aspects of the acquisitions. Brandon also worked at Best Buy Corporate where he provided accounting support for the Information Technology division.

Brandon has obtained his Certified Valuation Analyst® Designation and is a proud member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). Brandon has also obtained his Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser Designation with Nebb Institute. Brandon also is a Certified Business Mentor with Score Mentors.  Brandon continues to enhance his status, credentials, and esteem in the field of business valuations, financial forensics, and other related advisory services.

Brandon enjoys golf, hunting, sports, and spending time with his family.

Business Valuation


BizEquity is the world’s only patented and the largest provider of business valuations, having valued 33,367,784 private businesses globally and has officially partnered with The Wall Street Journal. To learn more about the software and valuation algorithm check out this whitepaper.

The Value Builder System™

The Value Builder System™ is a statistically proven methodology designed to improve the value of a privately held business. At the core of the system is The Value Builder Score™, an evaluation system driven by an algorithm that evaluates a business on the eight core value drivers acquirers take into consideration when buying companies. The Value Builder Score™ gives a comprehensive assessment of the “Sellability” of your business, whether you want to sell next year or just to know that you’re building a valuable asset for the future.

After analyzing more than 30,000+ businesses, analysts at The Value Builder System™ have discovered that companies with a Value Builder Score of 80+ received offers that are 71% higher than the average-scoring business.

The Value Builder System™ is available exclusively through an experienced and authorized group of advisors, known as Certified Value Builders™, located across the globe.

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