How to Grow Your Company with Storytelling and a Simple Message

How to Grow Your Company with Storytelling and a Simple Message

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David Mann is an expert storyteller. He helps companies identify who their customer is and how to communicate with that customer. So many businesses make the mistake of making their marketing and sales pitch about themselves. David proves that a potential client wants to know how you can help them and advance their business.

We talk about how to craft your company’s story so that you have a clear vision of the company’s future. If you don’t know how you help the client, how can you help them? This approach also helps with potential exit strategies and finding strategic partners who will carry the business into its new phase without you.

David’s technique sounds simple but it is a complex way of thinking that leads to some heavy conversations. If you are struggling to find your audience, David Mann can offer some clarity.

What you will learn:

  • David’s background in theatre.
  • Why storytelling is effective.
  • How products use storytelling to make a sale.
  • Why it is hard to translate that method to a service provider.
  • The two things your potential customer cares about.
  • What is a story?
  • How do you fit into the customer’s story?
  • What makes a story good or bad?
  • How to make the customer your main character.
  • The importance of the first impression.
  • How business exits and mergers change your company’s story.
  • The benefits of a live presentation.
  • How to structure the ideal presentation.
  • Are you selling an experience?
  • How your story influences the potential buyers you approach.
  • The questions to ask yourself when creating your company’s story.
  • The importance of an outside perspective during the process.


Bottom line, figure out what your customer wants. Once you know what they want, you can meet that need and create a story that will show them that is what you do. If you understand their problem, you can be the solution to that problem. When you decide to exit your business, the problem will help you identify the right buyer for your company and offer a new era of success for the business after you are gone.

Links and Resources

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David’s website
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About David:

David Mann brings his unique array of talents to every engagement. He’s a playwright, an actor, and a director. He has taught performance skills for 25 years. And for the past decade, he has made professionals across the nation more successful by sharing performance secrets with them.

David has spoken at events for many Fortune 500 companies, he has conducted training seminars for corporations nationwide, and he has helped lawyers win millions for their clients – all by using principles he learned as an actor, director, and playwright. David has directed and performed in plays at such internationally recognized theaters as the Guthrie, the Children’s Theater Company, and the Great River Shakespeare Festival. He is a recipient of the Bush Artist Fellowship for Storytelling, and he currently directs classic plays for theaters in the thriving Twin Cities theater scene.

A former high school teacher, David is committed to actually teaching his audiences and seminar participants rather than just offering a few glib, empty phrases. His speaking and training approach is based on proven education tradition; he wants his audiences to walk away and use the tools that same day. Because of that drive, he spends a lot of time in advance of the event getting to know the organizations he works with. He finds the exact intersection of their needs and his expertise to provide an inventive, unique, and instantly useful experience.

David has a specialized focus on persuasive presentation and storytelling for lawyers. He is on the adjunct faculty of Loyola School of Law in Chicago and the National Institute for Trial Advocacy. He conducts CLE seminars through the Professional Education Group, and he acts as a storytelling and presentation consultant with private firms nationwide.

David is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.