How to Hire an Investment Banker to Sell Your Company

How to Hire an Investment Banker to Sell Your Company

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Mark Jordan is an investment banker who joins me for today’s episode. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know why it is crucial to hire an advisor before and during a sale process. Mark gives the audience an overview of the investment banking sphere and the scope of the services offered by most firms. He works with a “middle market” firm and explains what the middle market is and what the other tiers are for context. We discuss Mark’s company’s process during a sale and you get a real appreciation for the legal side of a company sale.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why you need an advisor to help with your company’s merger or sale, today’s episode will answer all those questions.

You will learn about:

  • Mark’s decision to work in the “middle market.”
  • The broad scope of investment banking services.
  • The 3 tiers of the investment banking market.
  • A breakdown of Mark’s team’s process during a sale.
  • Why value drivers are important to the process.
  • When to hire an investment banker to sell your business.
  • The standard costs you can expect from the banking tiers.
  • How Mark manages seller expectations.
  • The bait and switch problem in the market.
  • Why hire an investment banker.
  • The importance of shopping around.
  • More about Mark’s sale process.
  • The biggest mistakes business owners do during their sales process.
  • Why LOIs (Letters of Intent) mean nothing.
  • The importance of being prepared for due diligence.
  • Why M&A attorneys are essential to the process.


This episode takeaway is simple, be prepared for a sale, know what you want from a sale, run the business like you always plan to sell it, and understand the role of an investment banker in the process. That way you know why you need to hire one and avoid unnecessary headaches.

Links and Resources

Vercor M&A Advisory
Mark’s email
770-851-9952 (Mark’s direct line.)
GEXP Collaborative

About Mark:

Mark Jordan, VERCOR Managing Principal, brings a unique, multi-disciplined approach to VERCOR by drawing on his advanced tax strategies, estate and financial markets knowledge. He holds an MBA from Baylor University and BS in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas as well as numerous designations.

Mark began his career providing business succession and estate planning. Through this experience, he observed a void in services available to middle market business owners who wanted to exit their businesses. Mark created unique processes and systems to enhance the probability of a profitable sale for these owners. The company grew into VERCOR, a middle market mergers and acquisitions firm with 5 offices in the US. Mark has also started, acquired and sold a number of businesses including a real estate acquisition and management company focused on office buildings in Atlanta and investment properties in Florida.

Mark is the author of Selling your Business the Easy Way, Driving Business Value in an Uncertain Economy and co-author of Selling Your Business: A Practical Guide to Getting it Done Right.

Mark is active in his church and has also served on numerous boards. He enjoys traveling with his wife and two daughters.

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